Escape Room – Exstension Work

So today in extension we needed to create something called a escape room , to participate in creating a escape room you needed to be in a group of 4 . i had a group of 4 and there name are petero ,  tyson , and roman they are all inteligent when it comes to extension work.

Yeah so today we learned how to make an escape room for others like your mates , friends and others so making it was really fun but watching others try and escape it was really funny because they would walk around in circles for a long time but me knowing that the key to escape the room in literally on the wall in the top corner. Once they gave up i told them where it was and then they all got mad at me once they had gotten out of the escape room .


By the way the escape room is called ( in plain sight ) get it the key was in plain sight ???.

well i hope you enjoy my little story about my escape room story

Athletics Highlight

Athletics Highlights :

A few highlights i had on athletics day was being with my mates all day having fun with each other but also sometimes being competitive over all in athletics i had an amazing day with all my mates.

My second highlight from athletics was placing in many things like discus , shot put , high jump , sprints and relays so over all i came 2nd for discus and shot put then i came 4th for high jump but also i placed 1st in sprints and relays , i didn’t just win relays i wouldn’t have had relays if we didn’t have a team which was Me ( Israel Te Tai ) , Ema Kulitapa , Lincoln Gataua , And Jayla Feleti the team were 2 boys 2 girls.


My third highlight from athletics was being able to watch people compete against each other but also have fun at the same time like when i came 4th for high jump really enjoyed watching Exodus , Lucian , Roman compete for 1st , 2nd , and 3rd  at the end of high jump Exodus ended up winning high jump coming 1st place overall while Lucian , Roman Tied For 2nd n 3rd . Like even watching other people have fun together is a massive highlight to me .


Anyways thank you for taking your time and reading this little recount about athletics hope you enjoyed it .



Future Aspiration

  • Tanielu Tele’a
  • I really liked how he spoke to us about his journey through life ,
  • i espeaclly enjoyed the talk about his journey through rugby. Did you know that he is signed with the manukau counties rugby team while also being signed with the auckland blues.






  • Haare Kutia
  • I really enjoyed the enthusiasm Haare had while talking to us about her journey through life n school .
  • you know haare came through Pt England as a child .



  • Tyrone Tangata-Makiri
  • I actually loved the way tyrone had talked to us about his journey through life he is amazing in speech.
  • He was really good at engaging with us/audience he knew how to include us with his story that he had told us .
  • you know he also came through Pt England school as a child