Month: March 2022

20 Meter Sprint Champ Times

This Is My Maths Work We Done As A Class We Done It Together And Finished It As A Class.

This Task Is All About Diffrent Timing On How Fast Team 5 Room 1 Could Run In 20 Meters

The Fastest Time Was In 2.9 Seconds And Then The Slowest Time Was 5.1 Seconds For Someone Who Didn’t Try

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My Dream Holiday


This Is My Inquiry Work I Have Completed.

We Had To Do Choose 4 Things That Have Money With That Choice.But The Catch Is You Only Have 15$ Dollars To Choose 4 Things.Not A lot Of Money But It Is A Cool Task It Takes Some Time And Also Thinking In This Task Think And You Will Achieve.


List What You Want To Do.


Premium Economy=4$


Unlimited Room Service=5$


Now, justify why.

I Wanna Go To Australia To See Some Spiders And Some Amazing Animals.


So I Can Have A Nice Sleep With The Comfortable Chairs That I Can Control.

  I’m Just Gonna Choose Campground Because Then I Can Have Unlimited Service More Attention.

Also I Can Just Get Free Service When I Am Lying Down Watching A Movie.

This Is My Writing Work About Verbs In This Activity We Had To Find Out What Verbs Are Learning About Them And Even Putting Them Into Sentences We Also Had To Figure Out What Past Tense as As Well As Future Tense And  Present Tense

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