Month: October 2022

Future Aspiration

  • Tanielu Tele’a
  • I really liked how he spoke to us about his journey through life ,
  • i espeaclly enjoyed the talk about his journey through rugby. Did you know that he is signed with the manukau counties rugby team while also being signed with the auckland blues.






  • Haare Kutia
  • I really enjoyed the enthusiasm Haare had while talking to us about her journey through life n school .
  • you know haare came through Pt England as a child .



  • Tyrone Tangata-Makiri
  • I actually loved the way tyrone had talked to us about his journey through life he is amazing in speech.
  • He was really good at engaging with us/audience he knew how to include us with his story that he had told us .
  • you know he also came through Pt England school as a child