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As we arrived at Lloyd Elsmore Rugby Fields for our Eastern Zone Tournament we saw many other school’s there while we were coming in to the place on our bus when the bus had stopped we all hopped off the bus looking around for a nice spot to put our school gazebo up so we could put our bags down and put our boots and other gears on.


When our team was done setting up our spot and putting our gears on we started  walking towards our coach getting ready to warm up for our first game which was against Bailey Road Primary.


As we were walking over to our first game some of our team were getting a bit nervous for our first game because we only had 1 training for this tournament..


When we heard the horn go off we knew we had started. The referee called 1 captain from each team to do rock,paper,scissors for who would receive and who would kick because our captain had won the rock,paper,scissors he chose to receive the ball from the other team. So that game went well. The final score ended up being  40-0 which was pretty good for only 1 training before we came to this tournament.


After that game we started to head back to where we had set up our gazebo which was right next to our next game against St Kentigerns which was a tough game but we ended up smashing  them to be honest they deserved it the final score for our second game against St Kentigerns it was 44-0 which made our score all together 84-0 in only 2 games.


So after our second game we had like a 30 minute break because our next game was against pakuranga intermediate they were the toughest team we versed that day but we also ended up winning that game where the final score was 24-5 which was our only game where someone actually scored a try against our team of yr 7-8’s.Because our defence was just to good for anyone else to score a try  so that game put our score up to 108-5 for 3 games that day we were gonna have our final game but we won that game by default because the other pool was still going on with there last couple of games but also our bus was here ready to pick us up ready to go back to school.


This Is My Writing Work About Verbs In This Activity We Had To Find Out What Verbs Are Learning About Them And Even Putting Them Into Sentences We Also Had To Figure Out What Past Tense as As Well As Future Tense And  Present Tense

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